An Integrated marketing communications campaign for GV Michael Oatmeat

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Donald Patrick L. Lim


The Breakfast Cereals Category is divided into two major categories, which are the Hot Cereals or simply known as the traditional oatmeal, and the Ready to Eat Cereals. Majority of the volume is coming from Hot Cereals and this is mainly driven by Quaker Oats. In the Ready to Eat Cereals category, sales and volume is being driven by the Kids category.

Brands under Nestle Philippines such as Koko Krunch and Honey Stars remain to be household staples when it comes to Kids Ready to Eat Cereals. Above the line marketing efforts for the Breakfast Cereals Category are coming from the initiatives of Nestle Philippines. Bulk of their budget is focused on highlighting the Kids RTE Cereals. Brands under the Hot Cereals Category are more focused on below the line initiatives, as well as digital marketing campaigns.

Although growth is evident in the Breakfast Cereals Category, most of its consumers are still limited to the middle-income households. A lot of consumers still prefer the traditional Filipino breakfast over Hot Cereals and Ready to Eat Cereals, despite the health advantages of the latter food format.

The campaign for GV Michel Oatmeal, which will cover and be limited to Metro Manila only, aims to ride on the current consumer trend of giving importance to healthy living. Since there are a few competing brands in the Hot Cereals Category, the right positioning for the brand and right marketing mix can help GV Michel (progressively) become a key player in the aforementioned category. At the end of the six month campaign, the brand aims to gain brand awareness by at least 5 percent and aims to have an increase in sales by at least 10 percent. The effectivity of the campaign will be reviewed after six months, and the brand will decide on the next initiatives for the product.

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