An integrated marketing communications campaign for Greenwich


Gianfranco Go

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Marketing Communications


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising Department

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Ireene Leoncio

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Nino Gonzales
Romeo Catap
Pauline Lao


Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza is one of Greenwichs key variant from their complete product offering. The rationale behind the importance of the variant is mainly because it matches the Filipino taste. From Greenwichs research efforts, Hawaiian pizza is the number one pizza flavor that Filipinos patronize. This is because Filipinos have a strong affinity towards sweet flavored meals and dishes this can be observed in the Pinoy-style spaghetti which deviates from the Italian sourness that the tomatoes excrete. Despite Hawaiian pizzas relevance to the Filipino market, its sales performance was reported to becoming flat and close to declining. The major problem being faced by the brand is product trial. Given these scenarios, the challenge is marketing the product for consumers to try. Besides, Greenwich believes that the Hawaiian Overload pizza is the best tasting Hawaiian pizza across competition.

Given that data specific to Hawaiian pizza is limited, a UAI (usage, attitude, and image) survey was conducted to further analyze how people perceive and accept the Hawaiian pizza flavor. Results show that there is almost an equal split between Hawaiian fans and non-fans and that there are extremities in terms of product acceptance towards Hawaiian pizza some love it, and some are expressive towards how they dislike on the pizza flavor. Despite the pessimistic feedback of consumers to Hawaiian pizza, it was also identified that there is a door of opportunity in terms of making these consumers try the product they are willing to eat it as long as theres no purchase involvement. Therefore, this campaign aims to strengthen the conversion of non-fans while they are being treated by Hawaiian lovers and by giving them the product promise of serving the best tasting Hawaiian pizza there is in the market.

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Communication in marketing; Advertising campaigns; Fast food restaurants

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