The Lasallian values inventory as a measure of Lasallian core values: A validation study

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Master's Thesis

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This study aims to investigate the psychometric property of the Lasallian Values Inventory (LVI). The 15-item inventory has undergone reliability estimation and construct validation based on the institutional data of the population consisting of 2202 high school students of De La Salle Santiago Zobel School. The validity evidence was gathered through content analysis of a focus group discussion output participated by selected Lasallian students and partners. Construct validation is done by conducting the exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis of the LVI dimensions and through contrast-group comparison of the LVI results of leaders versus non-leaders and candidates for loyalty award versus transferee students based on the institutional data provided by the DLSZ school. Yearly LVI profile of the 4th year batch since their 1st year in high school describes the trend in Lasallian values. The LVI has good reliability coefficient (a=.87), per scale reliability varies from problematic for Faith to adequate for Service and Communion. Validity is evident on both LVI content and construct. Behavioral indicators identified are consistent to FSC and the Lasallian values indicators. The LVI consists of three factors which assess Lasallian core values of Faith, Service and Communion. Proposed factor structure shows model fit. The contrast group study showed significance for both groups. LVI is already a useful tool to assess Lasallian values of the DLSZ students but steps can be taken further to make it psychometrically sound.

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