Defining roles as a consequence of a new vision

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In business, vision is a future state which the leader of the company aspire for. He or she must direct, supervise, manage, control, communicate, motivate, and inspire the people under him or her to achieve the same vision at various levels of the organization and capacities. Further, effective leadership is a vital driving force which a company must have in order for the organization to go through the changes and hurdles faced.

In this action research paper, I present a theory in action, whereby I play the role of actor and the researcher doing the change that was triggered by an event in the company I am currently working for. The company is an information and data company providing data and information on municipal bonds in the United States. The former CEO, Peter Schmitt (Peter), wanted the company to enter a new product, which is credit analysis, he saw this as an opportunity for the company and the people. As a step to achieving Peters vision, Peter instructed the Reference Team, my team, to include credit analysis as part of the MP Capture Coding guidelines. This affected the teams product which is MuniPoints, a brief summary report of the municipal bond deal. After many events mentioned in detail inside this paper, Peter relinquished his role as CEO and was replaced by Jacques Kerrest (Jacques) as president of the company. Jacques's new vision was to go back to pre-credit analysis and improve on that this was Jacques new vision as the head and leader of the company. Therefore the roles of the analysts as a novice credit analyst during Peters era and with Jacques new vision are in conflict.

This action research paper addresses the issue on role conflict among my team members, which brought by, first, Peters relinquishment of his CEO function and second, Jacques's announcement of his vision of going back pre credit analysis and improving our products and services, hence the conflicting roles the members of the team have to execute.

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