Developing effective training course on conflict management skills for Northpoint Development Bank (NDB)

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Business Administration


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Decision Sciences and Innovation Dept

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Jaime T. Cepron

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Divina M. Edralin

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Raymund B. Habaradas
Ma. C.P. Assumpta C. Marasigan


In many opportunities that Northpoint Development Bank can be improved through the results of audit activities, the conflict between audited units (auditees ) and auditors had affected its timely performance. The untimely performance resulted to the delayed delivery of internal audits value to the organization. The action research method was then employed to study and address the research problem. It was revealed that the resistance from the auditees on audit activities had caused the conflict and such conflict had also caused stress and frustrations to the auditors. Training was then chosen as intervention as a result of consensus-building. Specifically, case-based modeling of scenistic method in training was collaboratively conducted in order to help the auditors become skilled and equipped in reducing resistance from auditees resulting to resolution of any conflict between them and the auditees. As a result of the training, we came up with scripts reflecting those behaviors that were reconciled from the four common reasons of resistance to change and methods for dealing with resistance to change by Kotter and Schlesinger (2008). These scripts are useful guides in practice, which were modeled and fine-tuned during the training. The transfer of learning was ascertained after the training. It was observed and validated from auditors' responses on evaluation sheets that they have regained optimism and confidence as they were positive that the knowledge and skills gained will help them in the timely performance of the audit activities.

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