An Action Research on Managing Tasks of Employees to Improve the Operations of Velamart Supermart, Inc

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Business Administration


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Decision Sciences and Innovation Dept

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Divina M. Edralin


Owners of small family businesses at the Start-Up and Expansion stages are usually responsible for more than half of the tasks done on the company. This happens because they usually feel that they can do everything, they dont have resources to hire employees that will do the work for them, and that they can do the work better than the other people because they cannot be trusted at a certain point. Owners usually have one person that they completely rely on that they end up delegating all tasks which makes him/her less productive and stressed. The goal of this action research is to improve the store operations of Velamart by ensuring that the tasks are managed and properly delegated to the employees. A job analysis was done to determine the responsibilities and tasks of a particular position as well as the structural flow of the company. Feedbacks from the Manager/Owner and employees provided the action researcher views from both sides that are needed in understanding the gaps between their expectations and the actual situation in the company. A task plan was made to determine what minor and major activities can be delegated from the Manager/Owner to the Assistant Managers and from the Assistant Managers to the other employees. Feedbacks from the task plan provided insights as to why delegation is effective and what hinders the flow of delegation. It was found that delegation is a complex process that is highly dependent on the relationship between the leader delegating the task and the subordinate being delegated the task with. The willingness of the leader to delegate task relies heavily on the trust that the leader has on his/her subordinate. This is more especially true in a family-business setting when relationships are on a more personal level. Trust can be developed through delegation in such kind of set-up if there is communication and feedback.

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