Restructuring the sales and marketing division at K Line Philippines

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Business Administration


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Decision Sciences and Innovation Dept


This study aimed to address the need for restructuring and realignment of the sales and marketing division of K Line Philippines, Inc. organization by means of inter-departmental meetings, brainstorming, seminars and additional training. The suggested changes within the company, such as upgrading of the current sales structure will lead to better sales performance and increased customer/area coverage by each sales person. An improved marketing structure will contribute to making K Line Philippines Inc. a better, more effective organization as a whole and help it achieve the targets set by management forthcoming years.

After the sales restructuring was proposed and parts of the suggested changes were implemented, as a merit of this study, this writer has seen a more effective business process within the sales force. Specifically, clear cut job function for the import sales person has led to unburdening of some tasks that export sales persons did in the past. Those functions fall squarely on the shoulders of the new import sales person. Installing an import sales person has left both the export and import side of the sales department with a clearer appreciation of their current job functions and has made it easier for the department to meet budgeted sales goals.

It was no coincidence that KPH Sales and Marketing improved their lifting performance for both export and import with the restructuring of sales teams by the addition of a separate person in charge of import matters. In the course of the paper, different sales teams performance improvements as well as personnel training and development and departmental camaraderie was focused on and discussed in depth.

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