Perceived stress, marital coping efforts and marital satisfaction among young Chinese in Shanghai

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts in Counseling


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Counseling and Educational Psychology

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Nino Jose Mateo

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Aime T. Guarino

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Nancy C. Rayos
Jose Alberto Reyes


Divorce rate in China is escalating by years. This phenomenon gives rise to fear and worry among many young Chinese as well as their parents. Among divorce couples, many are the young only-child generation. A developing society combined with one-child policy forms some stresses to young urban citizens. Stress and ways of coping definitely influence peoples marital satisfaction. Thus, this study was made to investigate perceived stress, dyadic coping and marital satisfaction. The participants were composed of 176 young Chinese only-child individuals in their first marriage.It was conducted in 13 districts of Shanghai, using a quantitative predictive design. The results of the finding showed that young Chinese generation was experiencing quite low level of perceived stress, possessing above average abilities of supportive, delegated and common dyadic coping, showing low level of negative dyadic coping as well as a quite high level of marital satisfaction. All variables had significant correlation with each other. Perceived stress, supportive, negative, common and delegated dyadic coping altogether had a great significant influence on marital satisfaction. Supportive dyadic coping was the best predictor, followed by negative dyadic coping, and last perceived stress. Common and delegated dyadic coping had no impact on marital satisfaction. It is recommended to initiate marital programs to improve supportive dyadic coping and avoid the use of negative dyadic coping to help increase marital satisfaction among young Chinese couples.

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