Synthesis and characterization of graphene oxide and carbon nanomaterials using horizonal vapor phase crystal growth technique

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Physics


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Gil Nonato Santos

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Emmanuel T. Rodulfo

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Romeric F. Pobre
Ivan B. Culaba


In this research, graphene oxide and carbon nanomaterials were fabricated and characterized using Horizontal Vapor Phase Growth (HVPG) Technique. The nanostructures formed by the technique were deposited on a glass substrate using carbon nanopowder and on the walls of the quartz tube using the graphene nanopowder as bulk material. The growth temperature ranged from 600oC to 1200oC, growth time ranged from 4 to 8 hours and the dwell time being held constant at 60 minutes.

The surface topography, morphology and elemental composition of the synthesized nanomaterial were investigated through Scanning electron microscope (SEM) and Energy dispersive X-ray (EDX). The photoluminescent characteristic and resistivity were investigated using Spectral microscope and van der Pauw method respectively. The nanostructure formed were nanosheets, nanofibers, nanowires and isolated nanocubes. The zone with the most abundant deposited nanofiber-like nanostructure was at zone 3, the coldest zone. The characteristic emission peak in the photoluminescence spectra was observed at around 350 nm for the growth temperature of 1200 oC for 8 hours growth time and presented a strong peak at 721.23 nm. The characteristic emission peak was also at around 325 nm but the second peak was only at 395.44 nm for the same growth temperature but for 6 hours growth time. The resistivity of the grown nanomaterial using the carbon and graphene nanopowder was investigated. The nearest value of resistivity was 2.3 x 10-4 m that falls near within the range for amorphous carbon which is 5x10-4 8x10-4 m . v

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