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Master's Thesis

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Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing


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Literature, Department of

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Jazmin Llana


This thesis entitled Transit explores the escapist mode of the traveler in which the longing of departure from place to place is also an effort to search for the self. The collection attempts to describe moments in an objective perspective, being lyrical and imagistic to distance the self in order to being the emotions evoked by travel to the surface. It is in the instantaneous moment of being in the realm of memory while traveling that I want to create in my poetry collection, where the narrator finds herself exploring her own emotions via the space in which she is presently inhibiting.

The collection itself contains a total of 31 poems divided into three parts that represent the preparation before travel, during travel, and arrival from traveling. At the same time, the poems do not necessarily record a single travel instead, the collection makes up a collage of the different travels of the narrator which also represents the narrators own journey through life. What I address in my collection ultimately is the exploration of the dynamics of time, distance, and memory through concrete images in moments of travel in the backdrop of travel to linger and extract moments that people take for granted when they travel. It is also to portray travel not only as a means to get away but also to travel back to the self.

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