The Development of a Mechanics Science KIT and POGIL-Based laboratory manual for High School Physics

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Teaching Major in Physics


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Science Education

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Maricar S. Prudente

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Lydia S. Roleda

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Auxencia A. Limjap
Socorro E. Aguja


The aim of the study was to develop a POGIL-based laboratory manual (PBLM) and a Mechanics Science Kit (MSK) that enhance student understanding of mechanics concepts in Physics. As POGIL follows a detailed step by step approach involving process learning objectives, collaborative structure, content learning, pedagogic structure, and self-assessment, students were expected to develop a sense of understanding of the topics through hands on activities, concept formation, teamwork and self discovery that this technique offers. This study also addressed the need to provide a cost-efficient laboratory kit, MSK that is of use comparatively with the ones available commercially in the market. The PBLM and MSK were evaluated by teachers with at least five years experience of teaching laboratory physics using a modified evaluation tool based on the POGIL Process and Content SI Rubric. The teachers rated the PBLM and MSK with scores with an overall rating of 4.51 in the 5 components. The PBLM and MSK were subjected to an actual class situation of fourth year students currently taking a Physics class. The students were given a prior concept test that involved Measurements, Speed and Velocity, Acceleration, Newtons Second Law of Motion, Rotational and Tangential Speed, Rotational Inertia, Vector Forces and Friction. After each Laboratory activity the students submitted laboratory reports and evaluated the manual and kit using the PBLM and MSK evaluation tool. At the end of all 8 Experiments they were given a post concept test and the score from the pretest and posttest were compared showing an improvement in their conceptual understanding in 7 out of 8 mechanics concepts.

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