Barangay Micro Business Enterprise: A food cart franchise

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Micro businesses serve as one of the backbones of the Philippine economy. Thus, to encourage the formation of micro businesses, the government has enacted Republic Act 9178 or otherwise known as the Barangay Micro Business Enterprises (BMBEs) in year 2002.

A micro business is generally a home-based business, employing few employees and it labor-intensive with minimal use of tools and machinery. Investment in a micro enterprise has an asset of less than P3 million excluding the value of the land where the firms office, plant, and equipment are situated. Tutubi Food House (TFH) owns a food cart business, which falls under the micro business industry.

Venturing into this kind of business has taught the business owner to learn lessons that are taught by actual experience. For TFH to realize its vision to be a dominant brand in the food cart industry, and to cope with a developing market trend, the following strategies have been proposed:

1. Drop the house of Panini Franchise by September 2007.

2. Introduce a new brand having a brand name of Diet Wraps.

3. Establish presence at the mall in order to take advantage of the high customer traffic, which serve as opportunity to achieving projected sales.

4. Engage in regular marketing promotions.

The above proposed strategies aim to recover the losses incurred in year and to achieve sales growth from year 2008 to year 2009.

To achieve the above financial objectives, TFH has to undertake a major decision on the business development side, which is coming up with a new brand introducing fresh concepts on healthy diet. The new brand shall be called Diet Wraps, which basically supports the growing market consciousness on living a healthy lifestyle adopting a healthy diet. Likewise, it supports the governments food fortification program by ensuring that the food it offers has the required nutrients such as iodine, iron, and vitamin A. Moreover, on the marketing side, TFH has to implement regular promotions and to introduce new menu offerings so that customers have something fresh to expect and to be excited about.

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