An integrated marketing communications campaign for the womens cancers screening package of St. Lukes Medical Center


Walter Ang

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Marketing Communications


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising

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Leonardo Garcia


St. Lukes Medical Center (SLMC) has recently developed the In the Pink of Health Womens Cancers Screening Package. This package is a breast-and gynecologic-cancer screening package that consists of expert-recommended screening tests to detect pre-cancer or early-stage of the breast, cervix and ovaries. The hospital plans to lunch this package in the first semester of 2008. The In the Pink of Health Womens Cancers Screening Package is a new way of packaging existing services in a way to appeal to women who are health conscious. It is also a gateway procedure that aims to recruit patients who are found positive for cancer to the hospitals cancer treatment services. This paper reviews the current situation and factors that have to be considered in formulating an integrated marketing communications strategy for the product and then proposes a recommend launch campaign for the said product. With a commitment to acquiring the latest technology, establishing a more stringent selection process for its physicians and staff and receiving an accreditation from Joint Commission International, a hospital standards monitoring organization, SLMC has a current market share of 28% (which includes cancer patients). To maintain its lead, SLMC endeavors to use integrated marketing communications to promote its services and services and products. SLMC began institutional promotion efforts in the mid 90s and is having a resurgence in its efforts in the mid 2000s as more and more private hospitals are beefing up their marketing efforts as well. SLMC must act fast and introduce their package to the market and attempt to own the market for this service before it is copied by the competition.

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Cancer--Diagnosis--Equipment and supplies--Marketing; Communication in marketing; St Lukes Medical Center--Marketing

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