Securing brand growth: An integrated marketing communications campaign for BitDefender security software

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Marketing Communications


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising

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Donald Patrick Lim


BitDefender antivirus is the creator of one of the industrys internationally-certified security solutions designed for enterprise use. While the security market has been showing continuous growth since 2007 according to a study by Gartner, BitDefender in the Philippines (represented by software distribution company IPSYSTEMS Inc, managed by the author of this paper) has been experience a steady decrease in sales instead for the past three years. Research showed that will potential customers were aware of BitDefender as an antivirus brand, this awareness was not converted to trial or purchase. This paper aims to correct this through a complete repositioning of the product and rebuilding of the 4Ps. Goals of the IMC campaign include building a clear brand identity, communicating this to the target market into trial and purchase of the product. At the same time, the primary objective of the program is to increase sales by at least 30% at the end of the campaign period. Using cost reduction as the compelling value proposition (CVP), a repositioning of BitDefender as the antivirus brand that offers free on-site technical support for its customers unlike its competitors which charge premium fees for support is translated into the unified marketing message of Maximum Security. Free Expert Support for BitDefender. The BitDefender Free Expert Support program, as it called, is comprised of several modules. First, a BitDefender Crew made up of technical engineers and certified sales consultants is created. Dedicated telephone hotline and email address for technical support are likewise put into place for easy and direct access by customers. In order to make the program sustainable, certain terms and conditions must be enforced, such ad the 200-mimunimum user-license purchase required to avail of the program. Furthermore, a 10% price increase from the current list price is also proposed, to help cover expenses that the free technical support program will incur. Comparison of prices across major competitors show that even with the proposed to 10% increase, BitDefender still remains competitively priced. In addressing the 3rd P Placement this paper suggests keeping the existing channels distribution in place, of which 90% are value added resellers based in Metro Manila. A kik-off Dinner event is proposed to be held for the channels in order to inform them about the program and provide them with the necessary details on what, why, and how it will benefit them BitDefender resellers. Finally, promotions will be guided using the framework of hierarchy of Needs with Promotional Activities (Belch 1998). The Specific media used for each promotional phase is based on the results from the customer survey, which showed that the top five sources of information of the target market were the internet, online forums, events and seminars, suppliers and computer magazines. The promotional activities range from online advertisements, mentions in IT blogs and forums, advertorials in computer magazines, webpage detailing the program, security seminar organized by the distributor IPSYTEMS Inc, sponsorship in Computer Worlds Executive Brief events, merchandizing and the creation of the BitDefender sales crew, made up of attractive young women who will accompany and internal sales team to BitDefender product presentation and trainings. Key success indicators would include as assumed new customer gained per month, with this number doubling in the last five months of the campaign, according to the calculation of metrics detailed in this paper. The total 17 new customers would mean a total sales figure of Php 6.7M, almost doubling that of the previous year. As IPSYSTEMS has a 50% margin for all BitDefender sales, this would mean a substantial total profit of Php 3.3M at the end of the campaign period. These figures remain conservative in an effort to make the campaign feasible and realistic for IPSYSTEMS actually carry it out and implement by first quarter of year 2011.

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Communication in marketing; Computer security; Selling--Security systems; Sales promotion; Business enterprises--Computer networks--Security measures; Bitdefender--Marketing

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