An integrated marketing communications campaign proposal for 4T Power motorcycle oil

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Marketing Communications


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising Department

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Enrique Da Roza


The 100cc-150cc 4-stroke motorcycle industry is growing at a very fast rate. More and more Filipinos are making it their transportation of choice primarily because it is very favorable to own, easy to use and cheap to maintain. The unprecedented growth of the 100cc-150c 4-stroke motorcycle industry stimulates the growth of other industries as well. One of the industries is the motorcycle oil industry more specifically the 4T oil industry. In 2007, 4T Power a quality 4T oil equal in terms of industry standards to the leading brand in the market was launched by SEAOIL. However with very little marketing communication efforts and no clear positioning of the brand, it is failing to grow in accordance with the growth of the 4 stroke motorcycle market. 4T POWER needs to grow as a brand by growing its market share in parity with the growth of the 4 stroke motorcycle market. It also has to position itself in the minds of its target market through differentiating 4T Power from its competitors. This will be achieved through integrated marketing communication strategies which involve above and below the line efforts. The whole campaign will be based on the big idea which is 4T Power, Makakakadalawa Ka! this will communicate 4T Powers product strength which is quality and affordability and will highlight its unique selling proposition of having a Dynamic Dispersant Additive which extends the use of 4T Power up to 2 months.

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4T Power--Marketing; Motorcycles--Motors (Diesel)-- Marketing; Motorcycles--Equipment and supplies-- Marketing; Communication in marketing; Sales promotion

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