A Marketing communications campaign for Balay Indang: The red ginger garden and farm

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Marketing Communications


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising Department


Balay Indang is a lodging facility that provides an environment fit for rest and relaxation, located in the peaceful part of Cavite. Aside from its overall offerings, the establishment can guarantee a comfortable set of spacious accommodations; healthy and creative pre-planned meals served five time a day, and simple yet enjoyable activities that any guest can spend some time on. Commonly, those who visit the venue are the group accounts, namely, the corporations, the church/religious organizations, the non-government organizations, and the academe. The families and interest groups are considered to be their secondary market. The place is very spacious for the kids to play, and the adults can spend their time playing boards games like chess, scrabble, mahjong and sungka that are present at the pavilion. Pool table and table tennis set-up are also available just around the corner. For those who would want to spend some alone time, there are cabanas and duyans present for their use, either to enjoy a good book under the sun or just merely enjoy the nature. From the time they opened their doors to the public and until today, Balay Indang can be tagged as fairly doing well in terms of occupancy rate and sales. They take pride from the relationships they form with their customers and the means of how they maintain the serenity of the place, thus benefiting well on word-of-mouth marketing. As they approach their 6th year this October 2010, this can be considered as a perfect time to establish the lodging facility as a competitive business in the market without compromising their current core values. There are certain concerns that need to be addressed to support Balay Indangs aim to grow as business. To address such concerns for Balay Indang, strategies and tactics will revolved around the use of non-traditional media that are non-intrusive, customer-centered, and recommended for a small business which do not wish to spend too much on promotional means.

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Lodging-houses--Marketing; Advertising; Hotels--Cavity City; Communication in marketing; Balay Indang--Marketing

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