Strategic management for Xxclusively His--men's clothing

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The study started with the analysis of the Garment industry where the company belongs, then zeroed in on the tailoring market. Having very little data available in the tailoring business, market estimates were derived by identifying the target market and getting the corresponding numbers gathered from the National Census and Statistics Office and Pulse research. Conservative estimates were utilized, making the numbers more realistic.

Exclusively His is engaged in providing customized sewing services of men's clothing. It specializes in Barong Tagalog, pants and suits, which contributes 80% of the gross sales. Established in 1965 and has the most number of branches among the major players with eleven branches. Six in Metro Manila and five in Central and Northern Luzon.

Despite its size, the study revealed that there is so much more that Exclusive His can get in the market. The opportunities abound for the business and it can not just rest on its laurels. Competitors are beginning to position themselves by way of changing its distribution strategies. Major players are now establishing themselves in malls, anticipating current and future trends, bucking the fear of exorbitant rental fees and shares in gross sales.

The strengths of the company include strong brand equity, long experience (35 years), excellent reputation, a loyal customer base and no outstanding bank loan. There are weaknesses also present in the company but with the implementation of the plan these will be minimized if not totally removed.

The present strategy is effective and useful only in the present objective of the firm but with the change in the objective and the creation of its vision, a change in the strategy is needed. The proposed functional strategies are to expand business scope on a national and hopefully international scale.

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Men's clothing industry--Philippines; Clothing trade--Philippines; Exclusively His

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