Mary the Queen Ladies' Dormitory: A strategic management term paper

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This strategic paper is developed for the purpose of proposing a diversification in Halcyon Realty and Development Corporation's main line of business, which is the development of upper class townhouses in the metropolis area to that of a dormitory in the University Belt area.

The Asian economic meltdown of 1997 has petered out for the real estate industry in terms of growth and development, bordering on the negative for most companies. This is most evident in the housing units catering to the high- and middle-income group, which largely comprise Halcyon's target market. Since the market has been in the doldrums for more than a couple of years now, it might do well for Halcyon to consider diversifying to a field not totally unrelated to its core competency, which is the construction of housing units.

There is a housing need in the university belt area, which is admittedly huge and greater than the private sector could provide for. At present, students with a need to seek boarding and lodging facilities have to make do with decrepit and congested living quarters that are short of firetraps. Pared down essential living necessities like bathrooms and toilets are shared by tenants in the ratio of 1:18.

Halcyon has a vacated lot it acquired more than ten years ago as part of a settlement from a court case. While the area it sits on is not a prime location for the development of townhouses, it might be a sound idea to turn it into living quarters targeting the student population of the congested university belt area.

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Dormitories--Philippines; Mary the Queen Ladies' Dormitory

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