Strategic plan for Prosperity Link: A lending firm

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Economic prosperity for all members of the society is the natural aspiration of any economy or political system. In the hierarchy of human needs, the satisfaction of the physical needs comes first, such as food, clotting and shelter. The next step is for man to go to work for their higher needs, such as security, status and fulfillment.

Obviously, money assumes a very vital role in man's inherent inclination to improve himself, his society and its institutions. Money is used to obtain our basic needs, to promote production , trade and industry. However, it is not possible to satisfy all human wants at the same time. Human wants are unlimited while available resources are limited. As a realistic solution to such economic problems, priorities are established. This means the more essential needs are given the first priority, like food and housing. Human as we are however, we intend to be more creative and enterprising. We feel that there are other ways, aside from complete dependence on existing available resources, to increase our satisfaction in the consumption of goods and services. One of these, of course, is through credit. Borrowed funds can generate more production, employment and income in the economy. And this improves the economic condition of people.

This paper aims to present how a company like Prosperity Link becomes instrumental in the expansion of business in small-scale entrepreneurs, specifically women. While this paper allows us to see the nature and functions of credit as it brings back to our Philippine history and reeducates us on the basic concept of credit. This paper also shows credits influence not only on individuals but also on the entire economy.

One of the highlights of this paper is the presentation of its 1999 strategies, the 3-month-strategic program which brought the company over half a million net income. The 3-month -strategic program was impressive in a sense that it presented a different way of doing business in a very big industry like the lending industry. Prosperity Link's strategies were customer-oriented, a key factor to its successful operations.

The challenge now is how to sustain its growth while maintaining a balance on the credit control and maximizing its available funds. In year 2000, Prosperity Link aims to have at least 30 loan applicants monthly, release a loan amount of at least P650,000.00 monthly and achieve a collection efficiency rating of 99%. Thus, this paper concludes with its final highlights: its presentation of its year 2000 strategies and tactics to attain the set objectives. While the lending business appears to be very challenging, the goals and the path to them made it fun, exciting and fulfilling.

This paper will improve that for a firm to be profitable, its operations need not be complicated. All it takes is order, organization and system. Most importantly, with the customer in mind, one cannot go wrong.

Prosperity Link's strategy plan is a challenge to the many industry players of lending/financing. Prosperity Link has thought out of the box it has challenged the process, practiced dynamism, initiated change and it will not stop doing so...

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Commercial loans--Philippines; Credit--Philippines; Prosperity Link

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