Rebirth of the author in Cyberspace: A comparative analysis of cyberpower of the imaginary in the weblogs of Jessica Zafra and Ian Rosales Casocot

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Paz Verdades M. Santos
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This research project appropriates the cyberpower of the imaginary concept of Tim Jordan in analyzing the weblogs of Jessica Zafra (jessicarulestheuniverse.com) and Ian Rosales Casocot (eatingthesun.blogspot.com). Cyberpower of the imaginary is conceived in relation to two other spheres cyberpower of the individual and the social. But for the present study, the focus is on the imaginary, which as shall be seen, traverses the two other realms. Four factors come into play in forming a coherent cyberpower of the imaginary framework. These are the concepts of the cyborg information codes, herein taken to be embodied by hypertextuality the Panopticon and the transcendental community of mind. In studying each aspect, other studies had been incorporated such as Donna Harraways cyborg consciousness, George P. Landows Hypertext as Reconfiguring the Author-Figure, Michel Foucaults What is An Author?, and Benedict Andersons Imagined Community. The analysis reveals that both Zafra and Casocot embody cyborg consciousness as conceptualized by Donna Harraway. This is manifested in their oneness with technology, projection of animal like personalities, irreverence for the natural order of things, constant self reinvention, resistance to established norms, and manipulation of language. However, there are still significant differences between the two as they treat their blogs differently, with Zafra treating hers as an online column and portfolio for her views while Casocot using his blog more as a confessional medium. Analysis also shows that the author-figure is indeed reconfigured in the blogs of both literary writers using Landows framework. The hypertextual characteristics of Landow are also embodied by the two blogs. And these results were arrived at after studying the entries of the two writers, as well as the comments posted by their readers. Cyborg consciousness and hypertextuality are associated with the utopian ideal of Jordans imagined co

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