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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Marketing

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Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising Department

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Manuel Alfredo R. De Leon, Jr.

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Jaime S. Ong

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Fredelita E. De Mesa
Jose Luis R. Liongson


The recent increase in the number of product recalls with regard to items manufactured in China has revived the interest in country of origin studies. However, it has been confirmed by previous literature on the subject matter that a single-cue study that evaluates country of origin alone is not as reliable an indicator of consumer perceptions and intentions as a multi-cue study. Therefore, country of origin must be measured along with other factors in order to present a more valid conclusion. The classification of country of origin as an extrinsic product cue is combined with the assertions of other studies which link other extrinsic product cues, namely price and retailer reputation, with quality perceptions and purchase intentions. This research proposed a framework for studying the impact of extrinsic product cues on the quality perceptions and purchase intentions of parents of young children, with regard to toys in particular. Primary data was gathered with the use of self administered survey questionnaires. The results indicate that all four extrinsic product cues were significant in terms of the effect that they had on product quality evaluations; however, the most statistically significant cues were found to be those related to the country of origin of the products (brand origin and product origin). Product quality evaluation, on the other hand, was found to have a statistically significant correlation with the intent to purchase toys manufactured in China. Lastly, among the mediating factors which were tested, only the overall evaluation of toy products made in China was pivotal in terms of the effect that it had on purchase intention.

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Product recall; Purchasing; Consumer behavior; Product quality; --product effectiveness

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