Strategic management paper for De La Salle Araneta Univerity

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Filipinos value good education, for such is considered to be one's precious passport for a better life tomorrow. This is a legacy parents would always love to give to the young children of today.

This modern world is beset with a lot of problems. Our own country is not spared from the many difficulties it needs to overcome. We need good leaders not only in the government but also in its instrumentalities. We need good leaders in the Church, in the business world and in the community we live in. I agree with the words of our national hero. The hope of this nation lies in the hands of our young people of today for they will become our future leaders. However, we are faced with a dilemma. In this trying time, how do we expect to get good leaders when the quality of education continues to deteriorate? How do we ensure that the future graduates who will later on shape this country will be socially responsible? How do we expect them to serve the country well when they land a government post or join the private enterprise in the future? Who will contribute to poverty alleviation? Who will provide jobs? Who will bring this country to the promised land? From what school can we get these future leaders? It has been said that the reputation of some graduates of premier schools have been tainted already. One way or the other, they have been accused of being corrupt in their dealings.

Truly, the growing concern to improve the quality of education has challenged many sectors and agencies to work double time. There is a need for moral transformation and renewal. The government cannot simply sit and ignore this pressing problem. It cannot just leave the enormous tasks to the Department of Education or to the Commission on Higher Education. In fact, every Filipino has a stake in this.

This term paper will touch on the current conditions both of the basic education and the higher education sectors and propose measures on how a non-stock, non-profit educational institution such as De La Salle Araneta University (formerly Gregorio Araneta University), the seventh member school of the former De La Salle University System now De La Salle Philippines, Inc. can respond to the challenges of these changing times. The strategies of the institution will be drawn out from its threats and opportunities, strengths and weaknesses, values of implementers and broader societal expectations.

The paper will show how De La Salle Araneta University will contribute to the improvement of the quality of Philippine education as it commits itself to excellence in teaching, research, and community service and in sharing its expertise with local and international communities. It will also show how it can be a resource of Church and Country in the areas of environment, animal welfare, food security, information technology, business entrepreneurship, management and education.

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