Don Bosco Press, Inc. (Graphic Communication Industry- Printing)

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Don Bosco Press, Inc. (DBPInc.) is a non-stock, non-profit organization that belongs to graphic communication industry, particularly engaged in printing services. It is owned and operated by a religious congregation, the Salesian Society of St. John Bosco. St. John Bosco is the founder of the said congregation and considered as the patron of printers. For almost forty-five (45) years, the society is recognized to have made and continue to make a valuable contribution to the technical development of the country through the Don Bosco Technical Centers.

The Don Bosco Press, Inc. was organized on January, 1989 and has developed into a complete, modern, and efficient printing press specializing in book and magazine production. It also produces items such as school diaries, executive diaries, calendars, greeting cards, brochures, missalettes and other religious materials. Majority of printing services is provided for Salesiana Publishers, Inc., its sister company. Don Bosco Press can now boast of an equipped and fully operational printing shop with a digital pre press, web and sheet-fed offset machines and up-to-date post press equipment in gathering, folding, stitching, sewing, binding, and packing. It also makes available its printing facilities and other opportunities to its brainchild and training center, the Don Bosco School of Printing (DBSP).

The five- (5) forces model of Michael Porter was used to analyze the industry. Based on the analysis, due to slow economic growth, high inflation rate and weakening of the peso, printing services though considered as fragmented industry has a high barrier to entry and therefore, threat of entry is low. But the existence of new technology that could provide the same need that is satisfied by the print industry signals a threat of substitute. On the other hand, the bargaining power of buyer is high. Since the industry is fragmented, buyers can have plenty of alternatives and there are few switching costs involved. With full information about the market price, demand, and supplier costs, the buyer has a greater position to ensure that it receives the most favorable prices offered to others and can counter suppliers claims that their viability is threatened.

The Don Bosco Press, Inc. is envisioned as a modern, complete, and fully operational printing press with a training center that leads the way to technical competence, quality, and leadership. It brings into the printing industry a new breed of professionals whose human and Christian formation and technical preparations enable them to integrate all aspects of quality.

The proposed objective is to achieve an increase in annual net profit of at least 3% from 2005-2007. To attain this objective the company will adopt the focus differentiation. The proposed corporate strategies to achieve the objectives are: Application of new technology in printing, Offer specialized products and services, Enhancement of internal capabilities through investment in human resources, and Focus on certain segments of the market.

The complete facilities and modern equipment will provide precision in the quality of the products and services. The superior quality of the raw materials will add value to the products and services. Company's reputation, management expertise, well-experienced workers and a base of loyal customers are also a big factor in the company's competitive edge.

With the implementation of these proposed strategies, it is projected that the company will meet its corporate objectives.

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