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Master's Thesis

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Master of Health Social Science

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Public Health


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Behavioral Sciences

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Ma. Elena Chiong Javier

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Myla M. Arcinas

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Cristina A. Rodriguez
Dennis S. Erasga


This study describes and analyzes the multiple role performance of upland women farmers in two puroks of Barangay Songco in Lantapan, Bukidnon. This study sought to provide additional information to the meager literature on perceived health consequences of performing multiple roles among rural women farmers. The data were gathered using a survey instrument. In particular, the socio-economic characteristics, the perceived health consequences and their effects on the performance of multiple roles were extricated from 50 randomly chosen women farmers. Almost all respondents were married, had one or more children, were between the ages 20-64 years old had mostly did not finished elementary education, generally working as unpaid worker in family farms and currently active in community affairs. Statistical tools showed that socio-economic characteristics of women farmers are mostly negatively correlated to the number of hours spent for each of the specific role type. Moreover, only a few of these characteristics showed significant relationship to the number of hours spent for each role type. The results further indicated that most women farmers perceived positive physical and psychological health consequences of performing multiple roles. These have in return maintained or heightened rather lessened the number of roles occupied by women farmers. Majority of the women interviewed were accepting of their multiple roles as part of fulfilling their roles as women.

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Women farmers--Philippine; Women farmers--Bukidnon--Philippines; Women farmers; Women in agriculture

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