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Master of Science in Psychology

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Ma. Lourdes S. Mendoza

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Laurine Chua-Garcia

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Roberto E. Javier, Jr.
Maria Carla Mole Ong


This study identified the required and actual competencies of lawyers of the Office of the Ombudsman specifically the Preliminary Investigation, Administrative Adjudication and Monitoring Office (PAMO). Directors and lawyers were taken as respondents. Competencies were measured in terms of eight (8) areas, 1) Technical Skills, 2) Communication, 3) Client Relations, 4) Interpersonal/Working with Others, 5) Case/Workload Management, 6) Professionalism, 7) Personal Initiative, and 8) Supervision/Management. The study identified the competencies by administering two questionnaires on the required and actual competencies. Based on the survey results, directors and lawyers have common perception of the Required and Actual Competencies except for Client Relations and Supervision/Management. The overall scores in the required and actual competencies indicate that most of them fall at the upper end of the rating scale. Most of the competency areas are considered by the directors and lawyers as Highly Required and that they categorically rate their own performance as Highly Competent both at the individual and group levels. It is concluded that Professionalism is the top measure of competency, whereas Client Relations is the least required and observed in practice. It considered is very essential to lawyers as they are expected to render fair judgments, unbiased and impartial resolutions. Strong professionalism drives them to fulfill their duties and uphold the law. On the other hand, Client Relations is ranked least because it is not required and practiced given the nature of cases that lawyers handle.

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Lawyers -- Rating of; Lawyers; Ombudspersons

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