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Master of Science in Psychology Major in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

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Laurene L. Chua Garcia

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Romeo Suarez
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Maria Carla Mole Ong


This research identifies and describes the Adversity Quotient (AQ) of selected Filipino single working mothers, their perceived advantages, disadvantages of the lifestyle, as well as, coping strategies employed in managing work and family. A comparison was also made between their coping strategies identified and their AQ levels.

Descriptive research design was observed. The study used an interview guide and the Adversity Response Profile (ARP) Quick Take (1997) in gathering data. It was found out that the AQ of the single working mothers is moderate. The sample was selected using a purposive sampling design. The perceived advantages were related to the social, professional and personal dimensions. Single-by-choice and solo parents-by-decision deeply value society's approval of their lifestyle. Support from family and friends were beneficial in juggling work and home responsibilities in the family set-up thus, it is also considered as a social-related gain. Being the sole provider for their family, single working mothers are motivated to work harder. They learned to grab business opportunities to augment their income to meet the daily needs of the family. Pursuing the task of balancing a full time job with full responsibilities for housework and parenting made them emotionally mature or stronger and independent. The perceived disadvantages referred to the adversities in maintaining their social relationships, the job and other personal concerns. The single working mothers have limited time with friends and children. The solo parenting experience also causes stress due to financial worries, lack of support from the father of their children, parenting issues and work-family conflict. The coping strategies included the support from family, friends, hired help, organizations and other personal coping strategies. Due to the family set-up, the single working mothers developed support systems in order to buffer the challenges brought about by their status. Data in the study also revealed commonalities and peculiarities in the personal coping strategies of single working mothers belonging to the different AQ levels, but the former far outweighs the latter. Spiritual means was reported as their primary stress buster regardless of their AQ level. On the other hand, participants with moderate AQ tended to engage in leisurely activities alleviating their stress.

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Working mothers; Single parents--Employment Single mothers--Philippines--Social conditions

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