Retrofitting 8-direction vertical milling machine

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Manufacturing Engineering and Management

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Lord Kennet Pinpin

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Homer Co

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Phyllis Lim
Nixon Ng


It has been proven and known for many years that computers have made such great impact on society. During the last three decades, computers have been applied to machine tools to program and control various machine operations. It has improved over the years until what it is today whose applications increased and became so extremely sophisticated that it is capable of controlling the operations of a machine, a group of machines, or even a complete manufacturing processes. As machine tools evolved together with the advent of computers, Numerical Control (NC) and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines were added to the arrays of machine tools, which have greatly increased production and improved the quality of finished products. Consistent accuracy over many hundreds of parts is one of the features of these machines. With its many advances and applications, it has been widely used in manufacturing industries around the world. With the many advantages these machines offer, many manufacturing industries utilizes this CNC technology. In the Philippines, in spite of the thousands of engineering graduates, the skills necessary to produce these machines are not available. The major barriers towards providing industries with skilled manpower are the high and ever increasing cost of training equipment. Moreover, both the academe and manufacturing industries are presently being confronted more and more by the following problems: new technologies, rapid development, increasing complexity, shorter turnaround times, and increasing cost of machines and trainings. A greater challenge of developing an inexpensive local CNC machine arises. With this, schools and manufacturing industries will have a choice, depending on its needs and requirements, whether they will utilize an in expensive retrofitted CNC milling machine or buy imported ones.

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Milling machinery; Machine-tools; Machine theory

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