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Elenita D. Garcia


What is faith? People have different notions about faith. To many, faith simply exists in their feelings (being). Some continue to nourish it. Others question theirs. In a sense, people really do care about faith. They accept that it exists; they nourish it; and they question it. It is just a matter of understanding what this thing really is. In fact, “even though all Christians should understand what they mean when they use the word `faith,’ many do not” (Dugan 1969: 5). This is what the paper will attempt to discuss, i.e. the reality and understanding of faith and its nature.

What type of faith is exactly meant in this paper? It is the experiential faith. It is the conscious faith. It is the faith which we consciously experience of. It is a willful faith. It is the faith which we chose according to our purpose, desires, and conviction. It is a passionate faith. It is the faith which our feelings define and to which our passion and joy abound.

In short, the paper will discuss about the essentiality and nature of faith. That though we do not see them, we feel them as the cornerstone of our lives and we preserve them in our existence.

Since faith (as air) is essential and real, the researcher found it not only interesting but also significant to develop a thesis on such concept.

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Faith; Will; Søren Aabye Kierkegaard, 1813-1855; Friedrich Nietzsche, 1844–1900; Friedrich Wilhelm; Immaterialism (Philosophy)

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