Proposed facilitators' manual on Christian parenting education for the Archdiocese of San Fernando

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts in Religious Education


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Theology and Religious Education

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Carolina Fallarme

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Corazon, D.C. Manalo

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Salud Evangelista
Carmen Gaerlan


The Tagalogs have a saying: Kung anong puno siya ang bunga. Parenting is thus a job that has a crucial effect on the members of both the society and the church. Yet there are no schools for parenting. The Archdiocese of San Fernando realized the need not only to educate parents through its Christian Parenting Education Program (CPEP) but also to train facilitators to effectively and efficiently train quality Christian parents. In line with this, the Archdiocese of San Fernando's Commission on Family and Life Core Group realized the immediate need for a facilitators' manual on Christian Parenting. This study proposes the development of a facilitator's manual on Christian Parenting Education for the Archdiocese of San Fernando. To accomplish this, the researcher shall establish a comprehensive description of the Christian Parenting Education Program of the Archdiocese of San Fernando from which the development of the manual shall be based. To gather the data needed for the development of the manual, the researcher used the descriptive method of research. The main instrument used in this study was the questionnaire and the statistical treatment consisted of finding the weighted mean (WM). From the data gathered from the subjects, the ten (10) facilitators of the Christian Parenting Education Program (CPEP) of the archdiocese, the researcher was able to establish a comprehensive description of the said program. The 13 modules of CPEP being used were mere outlines of parenting topics. Having established a comprehensive description of the CPEP, the researcher developed and wrote the manual. This was accomplished through the evaluation, enrichment and improvement of the existing modules of the program by using the Integrated Approach in Catechesis and the Andragogical Learning Process. Each module was constructed using the detailed planning techniques of the Andragogical Learning Process Flow, which consisted of the following: Activity, Analysis, Abstraction, Application and Assessment. There are thirteen (13) modules in the manual categorized into three main themes/parts namely: Part One: Building a Strong Foundation. Module 1, Paying the Price of a Strong and Happy Family; Module 2, Defending and Nurturing the Gift of Life in the Family; Module 3, Discovering the Family as the Domestic Church. Part Two: No One Runs Away from a Happy Home. Module 4, Teaching Your Children to be Loving and Loveable; Module 5, Seeking First to Understand Then to be Understood; Module 6, Setting Clear Family Boundaries and Guidelines in the Home; Module 7, Loving Discipline and Disciplining with Love; Module 8, Planting and Cultivating a Beautiful Faith in the Home; Module 9, Teaching Your Children Christian Values on Sex and Money; Module 10, Making your Child a Winner not a Whiner; Module 11, Handling Crisis in the Family (Finding Peace Amidst the Storm). Part Three: A Family for Others. Module 12, Getting Over the Other Side of the Fence (Being a Family for Others); Module 13, Writing the Family Vision - Mission Statement.

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