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Imelda S. Villar
Jeffre O. Chua


This study evaluates the effectiveness of the Career Streaming Program of San Beda High School. The final sample of this research comprised 69 Bedan high school alumni who graduated in school year 1988-89. These alumni composed the second batch exposed to the Career Streaming Program. Most of the high school graduates of the second batch of the program were in their Junior year, enrolled in major subjects, at the time this study was made. This study is descriptive-correlational in nature. The sources of data used were information sheets, standardized tests devised by the Center for Educational Measurement, specifically the Philippine Aptitude Classification Test (PACT) and the Philippine Occupational Interest Survey (POIS) and the cumulative grade point average of the respondents in school year 1991-92. The statistical tools applied in the testing of hypotheses of the study were chi-square test of independence, Pearson product moment correlation coefficient, and discriminant analysis (SAS and CSS computer programs). Results revealed that most San Beda high school graduates who had undergone the career Streaming Program particularly those who had been placed in the Business and Engineering sections pursued pertinent careers in college. Therefore, a matching between the career section in high school and the career choice in college exists. It can be said that the Career Streaming Program is effective in terms of matching high school and college career courses. No significant relationship was found, however, betweent the students' academic achievement in college and the high school career section-college career choice matching. Although a matching of the high school and college section occurs, there is no certainty that this matching contributes to academic achievement. The variables in the PACT aptitude factors that have discriminative abilities are Numerical and Verbal English. Of the PACT/POIS occupational fields, Arts and Humanities, and Outdoor/Physical were the most discriminating. In other wor

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Career development; Vocational guidance; Education, Secondary; Career assessment inventory

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