Max Stirner's philosophy of egoism: A solution to self-alienation

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts in Philosophy

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Philosophy of Science


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Raj Gansham Mansukhani

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Rolando M. Gripaldo

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Dante Luis P. Leoncini
Jove Jim S. Aguas


This thesis focuses on one of the perennial problems which individuals are currently faced with in their every day lives. This problem is depicted as one of the extreme forms of dehumanization namely, Self alienation. It is construed as the dissolution or demise of one's uniqueness which was ushered by one's adherence to fixed ideas upheld by the majority. Consequently, this prevents individuals from actualizing themselves accordingly to their own personal advantages and choices. In addition, this project addresses the aforementioned problem through the consciousness of the Egoist as advocated by Max Stirner, a left wing Hegelian. The element which is regarded as central in the consciousness of Stirner's concept of the Egoist is depicted as Ownness . It is characterized as the propensity within the egoist to assert ownership over the wholeness of life by appropriating and assimilating it into his vitality. This propels the egoist to gain mastery over both the wholeness of life and his own existence in its entirety. Thus, in this study, I shall contend that individuals through the awareness of the Stirnerian egoist, can transcend self alienation by liberating themselves from their bondage to the array of fixed ideas of established authorities. In this way, individuals shall develop the capacity to empower their uniqueness and moreover, continue to exploit life for the satisfaction of their personal concerns.

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Egoism; Stirner; Max--Philosophy; Alienation (Philosophy)

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