Information systems strategic plan for the Mariano Marcos State University


Larry A. Vea

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Computer Science

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Databases and Information Systems


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Lissa K. Magpantay

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Glenn L. Sipin

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Marivic Tangkeko
Sherwin Ona


The Information Systems Strategic Plan for the Mariano Marcos State University is a three-year plan (2002-2004) that outlines in detail how information and communication technology (ICT) will be used to support the University's vision and mission. It identifies problems and areas in the University that needs ICT solutions. It also contains components that serve as the framework of the ISSP. First are the ICT Objectives that address the University's intention to use ICT to support its vision and mission. These are: to make effective use of technology, provide adequate student and staff access to computer facilities, establish the University's network infrastructure, create an ICT Technical Support Group, establish procedures and standards for ICT equipment acquisitions and disposal, provide faculty/staff development and training, and establish a funding mechanism. Second is the information systems strategy that identifies and describes the information systems (IS) that must be established in three years. It sets the IS priorities, defines IS linkages that directs to the establishment of a university-wide management information system, and it maps out the ISs development approach. Priority systems that support the University's academic thrust are the Student Information System (SIS) and the Library Management Information System (LMIS). These systems automate student-related processes that enhance delivery of student services.

The Personnel Management Information System (PMIS) and the Financial Management Information System (FMIS) are the primary systems to support administrative thrust. PMIS aims to improve personnel services while FMIS aims to strengthen financial management. For the research and development, its priority systems are the Research and Development Management Information System (R & DMIS), the Geographic Information System (GIS), and the E-Commerce System (E-ComSys). Another priority system that supports the management as well as the administration is the Web Page System (WPS). It aims to showcase the University as well as to boost its morale. Third is the ICT Strategy that maps out the distribution of the University's ICT resources and guides the procurement of these resources, as well as the hiring of ICT personnel. Two (2) web servers, eight (8) application servers, 428 networked PCs/workstations, several printers and other peripherals are proposed to ensure adequate student and staff access to computer facilities. Furthermore, conversion of 11 non-ICT positions to ICT positions and creations of another 17 new ICT positions are proposed to ensure proper management and implementation of the technological goals of the University. Finally, the ISSP contains a three-year annual information systems development and investment plan that presents the detailed steps by step activities needed for the implementation of the ISSP.

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Information storage and retrieval systems; Information resources management; Strategic planning--Computer programs; Universities and colleges--Data processing

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