Organizational socialization and person-organization fit: The case of a multi-national information technology company


Silva Liem

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Psychology Major in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

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Industrial and Organizational Psychology


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Ma. Lourdes Sagmit Mendoza

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Laurene Chua Garcia

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Ma. Carla Mole
Carmelo Callueng


Recently, not only knowledgeable employees are important to a company. The way people work together and fit into the organizational culture even increasingly becomes significant to the business advantage. This study aimed to reveal the level of person-organization fit and socialization process of a multi-national info-tech company. Specifically, it sought to find how individuals' value profile matched those of the company as collectively defined by the employees. The study also examined whether a relationship existed between person-organization fit and organizational socialization. Ninety-two (92) respondents participated in this correlational research where a multi-method approach was employed. Using O'Reilly et al.'s Organizational Culture Profile, respondents assessed their own values as well as the value profile of the company. The similarity of the individual's profile with that of the company represented the individual's fit level. Also, respondents reported the organization activities and their own exerted activities that aimed to familiarize the organizational culture. Then, 11 respondents participated in the focus group discussions. Most of respondents demonstrated low person-organization fit. Further, they reported seldom exposure to organizational socialization activities.

Results also showed there was no significant relationship between an individual's person-organization fit with the frequency of his or her experience in organizational socialization, nor there were any significant relationship between person-organization fit with the frequency of the individual's own initiated socialization activities. However, when the employees self-defined the company's value profile, organizational socialization activities were significantly correlated with the person-organization fit.

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Corporate culture; Organizational behavior; Psychology; Industrial; Socialization

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