Quality of work life in a financial institution

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Psychology Major in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

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Educational Psychology


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Alexa Abrenica

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Carmelo Callueng
Elena Morada


This study seeks to describe the quality of work life (QWL) of employees in a financial institution, test its relationship to productivity and propose a model for a high quality of work life. The study utilized the descriptive-correlational research design. It examined the occurrence of the dimensions under quality of work life through a survey questionnaire and measured its relationship with customer satisfaction. A multi-method approach was used via participant observation, surveys and interacting with and asking quesions to key personnel. One hundred (100) employees from Bank X Global Corporate and Investment Bank were involved in the research. Respondents came from Customer Service, Operations and Technology. Stratified random sampling was used in recruiting participants for the study. Level/position and gender of the respondents were taken into consideration in this study. The number of male participants who are bank officers were 25 while there were 33 female respondents in the officer level. The number of male respondents holding staff positions were 19 while there were 23 females in the staff level. The QWL instrument developed by Sashkin and Lengermann in 1984 was used in determining the quality of work life of employees from a financial institution. The study concluded that quality of work is not the sole domain of management. Based on the responses, some factors such as self-responsibility, discipline and commitment come from the individual's own effort to attain a high quality of work life. In a customer-driven workplace where there are many controls and the bulk of work is a reality, QWL indicators cannot be very high. Some aspects must give way to higher corporate goals. There are others who believe that quality of work life efforts have to be deferred so as to make the economy more productive (Gibson, Ivancevich & Donnelly, 2000), but the study suggests that quality of work life has a significant relationship with customer satisfaction. Employees must exert effort to make their wor

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Quality of work life; Job satisfaction; Industrial productivity

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