A proposed evaluation of the Brokenshire College guidance and counseling program

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Proposed development of the Brokenshirian values scale.
Influence of student teachers' personal learning strategies and teacher experiences on their implicit beliefs on teaching and learning.

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Educational Measurement and Evaluation

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Educational Psychology


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Counseling and Educational Psychology


This project is an evaluation proposal of the Brokenshire College (BC) Guidance and Counseling program.The proposed evaluation is basically collaborative and descriptive of the program, its needs and its participants. It can be further subdivided into four components wherein each involves the activities of delineating, obtaining, organizing and providing information for decision making. These four components are the context, input, process and product evaluations. Moreover, the evaluation oriented activities proposed includes collaborative, quantitative and qualitative methods of data gathering. It is also proposed that a team work approach be sought in implementing this proposal.Evaluation activities will basically tap the recipients of the guidance program, the students, as its primary respondents or participants. For context evaluation a sample of about 160 randomly selected students will be tapped. Approximately, 80 of them will be high school students (20 for every year level) and the other 80 will be college students (20 for every year level). In the focus group discussion, about 100 students will be selected on the basis of the length of stay in BC. Parents of the primary year students (kindergarten and elementary) will also compose another focus group. In addition, teachers, guidance program implementors and decision makers and various participants of program activities will also be tapped as respondents to surveys. Samples of evaluation instruments that may be used by the evaluation team include activity evaluation instrument, resources checklist, and the survey of personal needs.Quantitative data will be organized on frequency and percentage distributions and analysis of these will proceed from such statistical techniques. On the other hand, qualitative data will be examined through content analysis which may involve empirical or thematic probing. Moreover, results of both qualitative and quantitative methods will be synthesized into the information that will be provided to the decision mak

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Educational evaluation; Universities and colleges; Educational productivity; Education; Higher; Examinations--Validity

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