Students' help seeking attitude, self-efficacy beliefs, academic achievement and teacher characteristics: A correlational study

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Proposed evaluation of Philippine Academy of Sakya high school guidance program.
Towards the development of an admission test for Philippine Academy of Sakya high school freshmen


Belen M. Chu

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Educational Measurement and Evaluation

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Educational Psychology


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Counseling and Educational Psychology

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Rose Marie Salazar Clemena

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Carmelita P. Pabiton


This study proposal will examine help-seeking as a learning strategy in relation to the students' academic self-efficacy belief, prior academic achievement and the perceived teacher characteristics. It will determine the nature and the degree of probable interrelationships among the variables mentioned, namely, the help seeking strategies, the academic performance, the students' academic self-efficacy beliefs, and teacher characteristics. The descriptive-correlational research method will be utilized to investigate the relationships of the variables, the attitude of the student toward help-seeking, academic self-efficacy, the perceived teacher characteristics and their prior academic achievement (Math average grades). Respondents will consist of 200 randomly selected high school students enrolled in Mathematics subjects during the school year 2001-2002. The following instruments will be used in this study: 1. Help Seeking Attitude Questionnaire (HSAQ) by Karabenick and Knapp (1988)2. Academic Self-Efficacy Belief Scale (ASEBS) by Zimmerman, Bandura, Martinez and Pons (1992)3. Teacher Characteristics Survey (TCS) by Ryan, Gheen and Midgley (1998). Mean, standard deviations, frequencies, percentages and ranks will be used to present the profiles of the respondents. For correlational and regression analyses, simple as well as multiple correlation and regression will be utilized through stepwise regression.

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Students--Attitudes; Self-efficacy; Academic achievement; Help-seeking behavior; Characters and characteristics

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