Instructional materials using English movies to develop listening comprehension skills of advanced EFL learners

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts in Language and Literature Major in English

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Language and Literacy Education


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Literature, Department of

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Ma. Lourdes S. Bautista

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Danilo T. Dayag

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Maria Cusipag
Leonisa A. Mojica


This study involves the design of supplementary instructional materials using English movies to develop the listening comprehension skills of foreign and second language learners of English.In order to design the materials, the researcher undertook the following steps: identifying the learners' needs, evaluating the existing syllabus, designing a functional/situational syllabus, writing the materials, trying out the materials, and evaluating the materials. Using the data from the needs analysis and the evaluation of the existing syllabus, a functional/situational syllabus was designed to develop the listening skills of foreign and second language learners of English. Movies were then gathered and chosen for use in the modules of the instructional materials. Tasks were designed based on the movie excerpts chosen. A total of nine lessons were prepared for use in a 3-week course of the Center for Language Learning of De La Salle University, Manila. Finally, two modules were tried out for three sessions to determine how they could be improved. For the assessment of the researcher-prepared instructional materials, peer and student evaluation using a questionnaire and informal interview was conducted. Positive evaluations were given by the students and by the English teachers who reviewed the manual. Suggestions were also given and noted in the revisions of the thesis however, only the doable suggestions were done. The results of the study underscore the usefulness of movies in improving the listening comprehension skills of language learners.

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Teaching--Aids and devices; Listening; Comprehension; Educational technology; Media programs (Education)

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