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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts in Language and Literature Major in English

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Language and Literacy Education


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Literature, Department of

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Remedios Miciano

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Danilo T. Dayag

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Maria Cusipag
Leonisa A. Mojica


The study monitors the comprehension ability of the University of Santo Tomas College of Education freshmen to resolve comprehension obstacles in reading using the strategy spontaneous text lookbacks in answering text-based and reader-based questions. To find out the effectiveness of spontaneous text lookback as a reading strategy, a total of 40 good and poor freshmen readers were chosen as respondents. The participants were grouped under the control (read and answer without lookback) and the treatment (read with lookback while answering). The participants' behavior was monitored by three observers and the frequency of lookback counted. The non-lookback (control) and lookback groups were compared according to their test scores and the number of lookbacks they performed during the answering of questions. Results show that poor readers of the lookback group did better in test performance compared to the poor readers in the non-lookback group. Poor readers found the lookback strategy as an effective metacognitive strategy in answering questions be they text-based and reader-based. Good readers were not affected much by the use of the strategy. In general, the type of question seemed to have affected the exercise of text lookback. Text lookback was done when questions required concrete or exact answers.

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Reading comprehension; Reading--Ability testing; College students

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