An analysis of classroom opportunities provided by Chiang Kai Shek College to foster willingness to communicate among the first year high school students

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts in English Language Education Major in English for Specific Purposes

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Language and Literacy Education


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Dept of English and Applied Linguistics


This study analyzes the classroom opportunities provided by Chiang Kai Shek College to the first year high school students in relation to the latter's willingness to communicate (WTC). It employed the descriptive research design to find out what these opportunities are. Likewise, it examined it these opportunities can provoke in the students the desire to communicate, as well as the manner by which students react and respond to the opportunities given them.Data were gathered from 320 first year students through the use of the researcher-made questionnaire/checklist. Informal interviews and observations were also done to enrich the study. Findings showed that all the opportunities provided by the school were intended to move students to speak however, not all opportunities were found to provoke in the students the desire to communicate orally in the target language. It was also discovered that practical speaking or an normal conversation was one of the best opportunities the language students could experience inside and outside the classroom. Furthermore, the study showed that ordinary speeh, talk or dialog is of big assistance to a language learner in the context of confidence, fluency and competence. The researcher concluded that one's WTC is not solely dependent on the students' attitude and motivation, but also on the opportunities provided them the manner by which these opportunities are administered.

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Oral communication; High school students

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