PC-based retrofitting designed for the automation of a conventional milling machine

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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Applied Mechanics


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

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Godofredo C. Salazar

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Edwin J. Callilung

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Alvin B. Culaba
Archie B. Maglaya


This study involves the development of a PC-based computer program that translates a 2D CAD drawing file into Numerical Control (NC) code that can be directly run in an NC milling machine. Provision is been made to interface the PC directly to the NC milling machine. The program is validated through the actual generation of a turbine profile on an NC vertical milling machine from an AutoCAD 14 DXF drawing file of the turbine blade.To enhance the functionality of the program and to maximize ease of use, the following features were incorporated:The software features a graphical user interface (GUI) done using a Visual Basic 6.0 project with the computer mouse as the primary mode of input. It has the ability to open an exported data Exchange Format (DXF) file created from AutoCAD Release 14.The program also features a simulation tool following the prescribed toolpath in coming up with the finished part. An NC program based on the R14*.DXF file will be generated and viewed using WordPad.Among the program features, generation of the toolpath proved to be the most critical. If the toolpath is not properly computed, both the simulation and the NC program generation will be affected.Knowledge of NC systems is not a requirement prior to using the software but is helpful. All the user needs to know is how to export an AutoCAD drawing to a Data Exchange Format (DXF) file. This *.DXF file is then converted into an *.MIL file which the program understands. The software is equipped with a function to generate the NC program based on the prescribed toolpath.

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Milling-machines--Numerical control; Automatic control; Computer programs; Computer software

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