Installation of an in-building repeater

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Engineering major in Electronics and Communications Engineering

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Electrical and Electronics


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Electronics And Communications Engg

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Roberto T. Caguingin

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Aliento V. Estalilla

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Felicito S. Caluyo
Arnold Santos


It is a known fact that signal reception is weaker in an indoor environment as compared to street-level. To improve signal coverage, the cellular operator can select two methods of improving in-building RF signal penetration: 1. Microcells and 2. Repeaters. In case of Piltel, they used both approaches, depending on certain parameters such as cost, desired coverage, projected subscriber usage, building area and type of improvement required. The author, for this practicum, was assigned to work with the special task force dedicated to the rapid roll-out of repeaters in selected areas. Primary areas of consideration were commercial establishments where there is an existing or potential subscriber base of considerable magnitude. Based on the results obtained during simulation and verification, the following conclusions were made: 1. There is a significant improvement on the voice quality on all test points considered. All points have a VQ of 1 except for P,Q,9. 2. Dead spots registered signal strength during verification points V and H. 3. There were also areas with readings of 0 bar in CDMA but with an FER of 1. IN CDMA, the true measure of signal reception is FER. Except for two areas with dropped calls, as a whole the installation of the repeater has improved reception for both DCMA and AMPS. It is therefore recommended that the installation of repeater in the malls continue to service those subscribers who have made malling part of their daily routine. With subscribers demanding for a total mobility, the installation of the repeater is an assurance to the customers of service all the time everywhere.

It is further recommended that PILTEL continuously seek the assistance of the supplier of the repeater for the training of the engineering group who are tasked to maintain the system upon commissioning and acceptance. On the part of the academe, an offering of a doctor of engineering program is recommended. The practicum had been a learning experience for the author on the reality and demands of life outside the academe.

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Cellular telephones; Telecommunication systems; Telephone repeaters

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