The english language needs of the secretarial students of the Philippine Christian University: implications for syllabus building

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts in English Language Education Major in English for Specific Purposes

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English Language and Literature


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Dept of English and Applied Linguistics

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Glenda E.Fortez

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Andrea H. Penaflorida

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Corazon V. Balarbar

Buenaventura S. Medina, Jr.


The study analyzes the English language needs of the two-year secretarial students of the Philippine Christian University (PCU).The descriptive method of formulating a appraisal of the English language needs of the PCU secretarial students was done through the process of needs analysis using survey questionnaires and interviews.The subjects in the study were fifty first-year secretarial students of the two-year secretarial course of the Philippine Christian University. The study also included five language teachers, five subject specialists, five secretarial graduates, and five managers.Findings showed that secretarial students should possess all the four basic communication skills-reading, writing, speaking and listening. The respondents all agreed that for the student to pass and succeed, they must have the ability to communicate both in oral and written form.The following conclusions were drawn from this study: the secretarial students have their own English language needs that must be met and there is a need for a separate syllabus in English for secretarial students.

From the findings and conclusions, the researchers offer the following recommendations: 1) The specific needs of the students must be taken into account when preparing the course syllabus. 2) The training institution should offer training and exposure, which are relevant to the immediate and future needs of the secretarial students. 3) English courses should be designed and should be taught in line with the basic communication skills needed by the specific learners. 4) New materials should be prepared to meet the needs of the secretarial students. 5) The proposed syllabus design in the form of the four English courses (English for Secretaries) should be adopted by the Philippine Christian University. 6) Instructional materials to accompany the proposed syllabus design should be prepared. 7) Teacher training aimed at preparing the instructional materials for the secretarial students should be conducted by the experts in the field materials preparation. 8) The fourth English course, which is Business Communication under the College of Business Administration, should be placed under the English Department and should be handled by the English teachers.

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