Development of a maintenance program for the stamping, drawing, and bending divisions U.S. Metal Industry Co., Inc.

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Engineering major in Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Archie B. Maglaya

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Dr. Alvin Culaba

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Martin Kalaw
Efren Dela Cruz


This practicum project designs a maintenance program that provides the management of U.S. Metal Industry Co., Inc., a tool to improve the maintenance of the equipment in the stamping, drawing, and bending divisions of the company. The proposed maintenance program is based on scheduling of equipment inspection, servicing (cleaning and lubricating) reporting of defects in the equipment correcting all defects and subsequently recording the repairs into the Equipment History Record (EHR). Data recorded in the EHR are then analyzed periodically for a cause and remedial measure. The system to be adopted here is the method discussed by W. Colebrook Cooing (1995). The method, however, is specifically designed to fit the requirements of U.S. Metals based on the obtainable data. The system is simple, requires no more action on the part of management, and installation does not require the purchase of capital equipment items or require the use of data processing equipment. The system provides the means to:1. Visually locate high-maintenance cost areas and have the data available to analyze for cost improvement, including: cause for maintenance, frequency of each cause, labor cost of repair, and production downtime period and cost.2. Plan and schedule.3. Determine backlog.4. Compare estimates with job performance.5. Properly distribute maintenance material and charges.

In the activity, the author was able to utilize and prove the importance of research in solving industrial problems. U.S. Metal Industry Co., Inc. had become a beneficiary of the research-oriented technique of dealing with various problems in plant operations. The proposal can be used in the assessment of the contributions of maintenance to revenue. The fabrication, marketing and quality control departments through proper coordination can benefit from any projected increase in plant productivity and availability. The production, maintenance, warehouse and equipment divisions can plan in advance through common supervision, any activity agreeable and beneficial to all concerned. The study recommended that the management of U.S. Metal must inform all departments concerned regarding the importance of the success of the pilot implementation. In the pilot implementation and in succeeding implementations, proper communication and cooperation are very vital factors to make sure the system works. Servicing would do harm than good if the servicemen assigned are not properly oriented in doing each and every item in the checklist.

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Maintenance -- Equipment and supplies; Metal trade; Service life (Engineering); Plant engineering

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