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Master's Thesis

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Master of Engineering major in Electronics and Communications Engineering

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Computer and Systems Architecture | Systems and Communications


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Electronics And Communications Engg

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Roderick Y. Yap

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Roberto T. Caguingin

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Antonette Camacho
Arnold Santos


The author of this project completed the on-the-job training at the Sampaloc International Transmission Maintenance Center (ITMC). The practicum project designs a microwave link between LTI radio station and Calamba TMC Laguna with a high path availability, and determines the necessary type of antenna as well as a sufficient radio system to be used in the project. The project aims to guarantee a back up in case of breakdown in the fiber optic, thus provide a convenient and efficient service to the subscriber. The microwave link between LTI, radio station and Calamba TMC can operate with a reliability of 99.9999 percent without any refraction or diffraction of the microwave beam using antenna height = 42m at Calamba TMC. However, since the existing tower height is 52m, the Transmission Toll Group considered the antenna height of 46m. Most of the basic or important parameters related to radio propagation engineering which should be considered in radio system design have been covered in this practicum report. The information presented can serve as a reference where most of the data and principles have been prepared and practiced by the Transmission Engineers. It is known that there will be special cases covering radio links or hops having unusual propagation characteristics, which may violate the principle outlined in the report. However, this report provides a typical system for LTI radio station and Calamba TMC Microwave Link and not cover every possible application.

Observation made by the author is the absence of a system to be followed by the members of the technical staff in the operation and maintenance of all kinds of equipment in the ITMC. The different models of the different equipment manufactured from different countries around the world become confusing and hard to master. In general, a person with all job training and multifunctional operations produces less efficiency. The author suggested to management specialization program for every technical staff for the accomplishment of effective and accurate results.

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Microwave transmission lines; Engineering design; Microwave communication systems; Telecommunication lines

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