JeansPRO: computer aided custom jeans pattern maker.

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering

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Gokongwei College of Engineering


Manufacturing Engineering and Management

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Lord Kenneth Pinpin

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Dr. Elmer P. Dadios

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Aliento Estalilla
Oscar Unas


In order to make custom jeans pattern layouting efficient and more accurate, this thesis introduces a method which replaces the traditional manual tracing of the pattern with a computer system (called JeansPRO) which fully automates the printing of custom jeans pattern. The software developed also includes abuilt-in information system to keep and process transaction details. To speed up software development, the recent technique of Rapid Application Development (RAD) is utilized using the 32 bit Delphi 2.0 in Windows 95 environment. Printing tests, on a 24-pin LQ2070 Epson dot matrix printer at 180x180 draft resolution, measured against the manual method indicate a 57 percent reduction in time required to generate one jeans patter (6.5 minute against a 15 minute required for manual layouting). A particular system limitation which surfaced only during actual testing, was the limit of jeans dimension that can be accommodated by the system printer. Specifically, the printer can only accommodate to a maximum jeans hips measurement of up to 42 inches - a size which is generally too large already among mature Filipino men and women. A discussion on how jeansPRO could serve as a hub to interface between state-of-the-art body measuring devices, and a host of textile and garment processing machines is also given emphasis.

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Jeans (Clothing); Computer systems; Tailoring; Pattern-making; Computer-aided design; Printing; Practical -- Layout

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