A study to evaluate and improve the application of the just in time manufacturing system in the Philippine semiconductor industry

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Industrial Engineering

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Industrial Engineering

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Debbie Ann Nacu

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Dr. Rosemary Seva

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Dr. Cleta Milagros Acebedo
Hector Cham


This study reports the results of an evaluation on JIT manufacturing system as applied in the Philippine semiconductor industry. Emphasis was given on the identification of factors affecting JIT success and of problems currently experienced by the industry. Of the eight JIT users in the Metro Manila Area, five respondents were considered. The respondents place human factors (management commitment and employee involvement) as the most important followed by education. Statistical analysis revealed that education and employee envolvement plays a big role in determining success of JIT application.The investigation revealed that not all companies are reaping the results in terms of quality and delivery. The main cause of this is lack of employee involvement, due to training insufficiency and a weak continuous improvement program, and unreliable equipment. To counter these weakspots, it is recommended that the companies conduct a JIT/TQC audit, review and refocus the training program and implement quality maintenance (TPM and equipment improvement). These recommendations are long-term in nature and so are the benefits -- equipped workers who will work together with management in the process of continuous improvement.

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Just-in-time systems; Production engineering; Semiconductor industry

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