Development of a microcomputer remote controlled 3-DOF mini robot with interactive graphic simulation

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering

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Gokongwei College of Engineering


Manufacturing Engineering and Management

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Lord Kenneth Pinpin

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Tommy Lim

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Gregg Garcia
Homer Co


There is a growing need for humans to perform complex remote operations and to extend the intelligence and experience of experts to distant applications. A blending of human intelligence, modern information technology, remote control, and intelligent autonomous systems is required. This paper presents a new revised SCARA robot structure with the prismatic link connected in the base in a thread rotating motion and intended for remote applications. A general plan supported by original hardware and software design of the robot arm is in place that is capable of small scale applications in manufacturing area. The system is hosted by a personal computer (PC) which is used for both off-line and on-line program development. Here, robot control is done through the parallel port of a computer system for easy access and portability. One optical feedback sensor has been designed in the base link of robot arm and two optical feedback sensors for the initial positions. Furthermore, a program is made to overcome time delays and make the local user control and the remote device being controlled to be synchronized. However, simulation results show that the position of the robot arm is accurate if the feedback control is consistent. Relevant experimental results are discussed.

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Robots; Industrial; Microcomputers -- Access control; Automatic control; Computer simulation; Computer graphics; Robotics; Prototypes; Engineering; xx5 Engineering graphics

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