Laboratory-scale combustion of coal-oil mixtures

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering


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Mechanical Engineering

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Dr. Carlito Salazar

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Homer Co

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Alvin Chua
Archie Maglaya


A study is made of the combustion of the different blends of Coal-Oil Mixtures (COM) (15-35 percent coal, 65-85 percent bunker oil) in a specially designed and fabricated laboratory-scale combustion facilities. A finely ground Bislig coal (90 percent 150-200 mesh, 10 percent 100 mesh) was prepared and mixed with bunker oil for the study. The dispersion of pulverized coal in oil called slurry was found to be relatively stable and could be pumped as liquid and burned nicely in a manner similar to pure bunker oil in the fabricated equipment. The preliminary set of information obtained from the study and of the combustion performance of the different blends of the mixture are reported. Combustion performance of this developed fuel is mainly judged by the amount of combustible matter that burns and reporting this as combustion efficiency. Highest combustion efficiency obtained was 93 percent for 15 percent COM, 92 percent for 25 percent COM, and 90 percent for 35 percent COM, with both the secondary air and the fuel being pre-heated.

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Combustion; Coal slurry; Petroleum; Mixtures; Fuel -- Testing; Coal -- Combustion; x3 Coal-oil; xx5 Heat of combustion; xx6 Combined combustion of coal and gas

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