Design and evaluation of waste heat recovery refrigeration apparatus

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering


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Mechanical Engineering

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Archie B. Maglaya

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Ricardo del Rosario

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Teoderico Florida
Nilo Bugtai


This study examines the design and conducts an evaluation of waste heat recovery refrigeration apparatus being made up of the system of an air conditioning unit with the addition of the heat exchanger connected in series between the compressor and the existing air cooled condenser. The heat exchanger was constructed using a copper tube coil enclosed with a shell made of G.I. pipe. One end of the coil was connected to the discharge of the compressor while the other end to the inlet of the air cooled condenser. The shell of the heat exchanger had inlet and outlet for water flow connection. The apparatus was designed to function like any standard air conditioning unit in comfort cooling while a part of waste heat in the condenser was being recovered in the heat exchanger. The experiment was conducted at the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology of the Technological University of the Philippines - Visayas. Students in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology were given the opportunity to participate and witness such activity. It further enhanced their knowledge about waste heat recovery. The result of the experiment showed that this apparatus with proper control system can be used to perform the function of an air conditioning unit without wasting too much heat to the atmosphere.

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Machinery -- Design; Heat recovery; Air conditioning; Refrigeration and refrigerating machinery; Heat exchanger; x2 Waste heat recovery

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