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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Guidance and Counseling

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Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Counseling and Educational Psychology

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Conchita Umali

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Salud Evangelista

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Rose Marie Salazar Clemena
Imelda Villar


This study aimed to find out whether there is a relationship between values and self-concept and purpose in life among selected adolescents of Angelicum School, and three organizations of Sto. Domingo Church, Quezon City. It is also its aim to find out which of the independent variable(s) is/are the best predictor(s) of purpose in life. The hypotheses stated is that there is a significant relationship between purpose in life on the one hand and self-concept, theoretical value, aesthetic value, political value, economic value, social value, and religious value on the other hand, among selected adolescents. To find out the correlation between purpose in life and the independent variables, three tests were administered to the subjects -- Purpose in life test, study of values, and Pasao self-concept scale. The 100 subjects, both male and female, aged between 15 to 18, were randomly selected, 50 from Angelicum School and 50 from three organizations of Sto. Domingo Church -- The Kaibigan Movement, The Barkadahan, and the Junior Legionaries. The obtained Pearson Product -- Moment Correlation of purpose in life with self-concept is +.733, with theoretical value, -.185, with economic value, -.149, with aesthetic value, +.053, with social value, .204, with political value, -.227, and with religious value, .192. Significance at .05 level is .188, and at .01 level is .256.

It was also found that self concept together with social value is the best set of predictors for purpose in life, because the multiple R is .752478, and multiple R squared is .5662 that is, 56.62 percent of the variation in purpose in life among selected adolescents is obtained by their self-concept and social value. The research findings point to a significant correlation between purpose in life and self concept, social value, religious value, and political value. All the other hypotheses of the research are rejected. The second conclusion of the study is that self concept and social value are the best set of predictors of purpose in life among the selected adolescents.

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Adolescent psychology; Life; Values; Self-perception in adolescence

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